I am born in Barcelona on 1978 and I spend my childhood drawing, rendering useless inventions and giving me face down on all edges. Sometime in adolescence I rescued my father's paleolithic camera from the closet and finally get my life together in a more or less coherent way. That's when I looking at the light, when I see it. Study late, photography in GrisArt School and then film direction in the Film Studies Center of Catalunya CECC. I start work on the editorial Communication 21, taht featurig local newspapers and magazines, such as Benzine, work that allows me to eat so photography and interesting people to portray which could never have agreed otherwise. Later I launched me the free-lance homelessness and work for agencies, newspapers and magazines, and spent almost two very stressed years in El País, where I realize that the flow of the daily press cause me major gastric upheavals and that, ultimately, I'm not made for it. It's in that moment when I start to work with the Picasso Museum, the History Museum of Barcelona MUHBA editions DAU, Òmnium and other customers quit, committed and grateful character. Actually, I have the luck to continue to dedicate myself to reportage and portrait work and publish with who still trust me, writing poetry, short stories and screenplays in clandestine moments, studying art history, and photographing and photographing, and photographing the world to give some sense to both mess.

Along the way I have had the pleasure i was lucky to portray people as Yasmina Reza, Manoel de Oliveira, Agnès Jaoui, Karra Elejalde, Marius Serra, Albert Pla, Jordi Savall, Macaco, Amancio Prada, Perejaume, Sergi López, Jaume Balagueró Antoni Bassas, Isabel Coixet, Darren Aranovski, John Banville, Berta Marse, José María Nunes, Carlota Subirós, Teresa Forcades, Antoni Mas, Diane Evans, Syd Field, Kirmen Uribe, Tail, Peter Maduro, Joan Fontcuberta, Christopher Doyle, Francisco Casavella, Ronny Someck, Alex Brendemühl, Antoni Miralda, Carles Benavent, Biel Mesquida, Ariadna Gil, Guillermo del Toro, Agut Joan Oriol Bohigues, Jaume Cabre, Carles Francino, Helena García Melero, Toni Soler, Diane Evans, Joan Clos, Xavier Trias, Albert Manent and others also remembered, and work for customers as El País, Picasso Museum of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona History Museum MUHBA, Liceu Conservatory, El Periódico de Catalunya, Diari Avui, Diari de Sant Cugat, Diari Ara, Gara , Quads and Jet, De Viajes, Zazpika, UVIC, UOC, SEAT, Òmnium, ComRadio, Bombardier, Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona City Council, LletrA, among others.

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